We used Create Test Users for Active Directory Software. We have been extremely satisfied with the result and personal service we have received. Our phone calls were returned promptly and our problems solved immediately. We would highly recommend Create Test Users for Active Directory software.

William Griggs
IT Administrator

As a small non-profit, we were looking for an affordable software which would allow us to setup a test environment for our migration preparation to Windows 2008. We were able to use the tool as advertised.. Live tech support was great. Thank you.

Paul Evansburg
Director, Marketing & Membership

Info Tech Consultants had a very positive experience working with Create Test Users for Active Directory software. We were able to create a test environment for our internal training purposes for Windows 2008 and Windows 2003.

Athena Gould
IT Manager

We are extremely satisfied with Create Test Users for Active Directory tool. The level of technical support service they have provided to us exceeded our expectations.

Barbara Leonard
Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer

Recently we needed to upgrade of our Windows 2003 server to Windows 2008. We created a new domain. We needed to stress test new Windows 2008 Active Directory environment. We used this tool to create 2000 users, 500 Groups, Many OUs and hundreds of contacts. It did all that in minutes on our new domain.

Adele Chan
IT Administrator

Their highly competent staff truly understood what we were trying to do. They helped us setup a test environment on Windows 2008 server in minutes.

Buffy Ballard
Manager IT Operations

We came across this tool while we were searching for a quick way to bulk Import test users to our new Windows 2008 Server. We called tech support and were connected to live support right away. That itself gave us some confidence in the product. They held our hand and walked us through the entire process.

Camille Pratt
Web Systems Manager

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