Q. What is the limitation of trial version?
A. Trial version will allow you to export only 5 users and one OU.

Q. What is the license Agreement?
A. You can use single license for as many times you wish to Bulk Import Test Users and OUs in your domain.

Q. Can I use Create Test Users for Active Directory on Windows 2008 Platform?
A. Yes. You can Bulk Create Users to Windows 2008. Also, we support Windows 2003 and Windows 2000.

Q. I cannot logon to Target Domain Controller to create test users and OUs.
A. You must run Create Test Users for Active Directory on Target Domain Host Controller.

Q. Can use a single license for more than one domain?
A. You can use single license to bulk create Users and OUs to many domains.

Q. I am not able to activate Create Test Users for Active Directory.
A. Make sure you have Internet access on the server where you are running ActiveDirectoryExport. It needs to connect to our server to validate the serial number.

Q. I did not receive serial key?
A. You must provide a valid email address to receive the serial number. Check your spam folders and make sure email from Create Test Users for Active Directory is not blocked. If you still did not get the serial key please contact support at 732-605-7088 Ext. 111 to receive license file.

Q. How much does ActiveDirectoryExport cost?
A. USD $99.00.

Q. Does it install any DLLs on my mail server?
A. It does not interfere with your Mail Server or Active Directory. It uses a standalone executable package which queries Active Directory and gets the List of Users and OUs.

Q. Windows 2008 Server unable to authenticate
A. In domain Controller host name you must provide full computer name such as hostname.domainname.xxx. In Windows 2003 you just need to provide host name.

Q. Is it compatible with Windows 2008 64 Bit Server?
A. Yes. It runs on Windows 64 Bit Servers.

Q. On Windows 2008 platform software does not run properly.
A. Preferably you should run the program as administrator. If you are using any other account then make sure that the account is a member of domain Admins and administrators group. User Access Control should also be turned off.

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